The DeCoverly Setter

DeCoverly English Setters are bred to embody the following three complementary parts.

Hunting instinct and ability. At the core of the DeCoverly setter is more than a century of selective breeding for natural hunting instincts. These instincts are comprised of scenting ability, intelligence to learn how to handle birds, and pointing instinct. The DeCoverly Setter is a partner in the field rather than a servant that obeys because it must.


Physical appearance and structure. A DeCoverly Setter is an elegant athlete. The design and integration of the dog’s physical structural components, such as depth of chest and the angulations of the shoulders and legs, creates clean, efficient movement. This fluid, graceful movement allows them to cover maximum ground with minimum effort.

The cosmetic components of the dog’s conformation such as ears, muzzle, overall size, and coat serve as a living testament to the ideal of what an English setter can and should look like. Combining the athletic and cosmetic structures creates a classic looking companion that is a joy to behold in the field.


Personality and temperament. DeCoverly breeds for a calm, well mannered member of the family. Our Setters have an abundance of affection for their owners and are wonderful with children. They are not a hyper-active dog and are never aggressive.

We also breed for intelligence, a known asset in the field but also a great benefit in the home. Our setters are typically very easy to house break and to train in basic obedience. They quickly become an inseparable part of your family and a warm and friendly part of your home.

There is no need to compromise in any of these areas, and in fact they are complimentary. Pleasing appearance stemming from athletic structure makes for efficient endurance. The personality that wants to please in the home makes for a wonderful partnership in the field. When these qualities are combined in a Setter with drive, intelligence, nose and natural pointing instincts, it’s as good as it gets. It is a timeless experience.