Available Setters

Contact us for current availability as some of these dogs may have sold

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DOB: 05/30/2019
Collar conditioned, whistle conditioned, handles well, started in field on birds
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DOB: 05/01/2018
Athletic built female, steady to wing, solid retrieve, handles very well
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DOB: 08/30/2020
Big, flashy, Tri colored male. Collar conditioned, whistle conditioned, handles well, started in field on birds
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Denver SOLD
DOB 10/1/17
well started in the field , a Big handsome guy
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Sawyer SOLD
5/17/2016 a beautiful dog in the field and in person

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Female DOB 6/27/2017
Tricolor , very sweet , sensitive , loves her birds

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Female 7/4/2017 Orange
Beautiful, hard hunting, great nose, lovely, lovely dog

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Male 6/11/2018
Orange and white , (eye patch)
Nice range, nice point GREAT nose . Grandson of Shadow Oak Bo
Amazon SOLD
Female 10/19/2018
Big orange female not started yet

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Disney SOLD
Female DOB 6/28/2017
Blue HARD hunter , great range and determination

08 18 16_2851

Wendy SOLD
Female DOB 6/28/2017
Orange starting to get the game, can be sold as a future hunting dog or pet only
08 18 16_2851

Maxwell SOLD
Male DOB 6/15/2013
From the breeding program and available to the perfect hunting home

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Phoenix SOLD
Female DOB 10/1/2017
Hard hunter, great nose, naturally staunch

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Ellie- SOLD
DOB 7/2/1015
Ellie is a hard hunter with a snappy point. Intro’d to birds, ecollar and 22, training ongoing

09 08 15_1475

Chiclet- SOLD
Date of Birth: 5/1/2014
Chiclet would love to have her own couch.She is a beautiful girl and has a very sweet temperament

Mugsy Aug 2015

Mugsy -SOLD
DOB 12/16/2013
Mugsy is a well started gun dog with a fairly reliable retrieve. Close working, active hunter with a solid point


Charlotte – SOLD
Date of Birth: 6/15/2013
Charlotte has been introduced to birds, gunfire and basic obedience and will be ready as a started dog the end of March. She is Maxwell’s full sister, on our sires page.

Wriggley point

Date of Birth: 5/1/2015
Wriggley is being shot, a nice running dog , Handles nicely, listens well, working on steady to flush, showing a great natural retrieve

Mason- SOLD
Date of Birth: 1/31/2015
Mason is being shot over and will be ready to go the end of March , a forward ranging dog, but not too big, working on steady to flush , showing a very nice natural retrieve

Bart- SOLD
Date of Birth: 7/30/2011
Bart is a started dog who is an outcross with a Llewellin girl. He is a hard charging dog with a love of birds.

Keebler – SOLD
Date of Birth: 12/2/2014
Orange Belton
Male who has been started in the field and has had birds shot over him

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