Pointing Dogs

Our “Started Pointing Dog Program” is for all pointing dog breeds, including DeCoverly setters and outside pointing dogs. The program lasts four to eight weeks depending on the dog’s age, level of development, previous experience, etc. A started dog finishing the program will be:


  • Pointing birds
  • Having birds shot over good points
  • Trained in basic field obedience
  • Hunting effectively – showing a knowledge of cover and scenting conditions
  • E-collar conditioned
  • Hunting dead – may or may not be reliably retrieving based on natural aptitude

Barb Mattes’ Show Champion “Breeze” done with Senior Hunter on to Master Hunter!

Additional Pointing Dog Services include:

  • Annual pre-season “Tune Up” (2 weeks, typically hunting 15-20 birds)
  • Training for honoring and backing
  • Steady to Wing and Shot

For more information, view our brochure.