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A Visitor to the Kennels | January 2010

We had a visitor to the kennels over the holidays – Evan Phillippe – who manages the excellent outdoor sports blog Below the High-Water Mark.

Evan blogged about his experiences at the kennel:

“These are gorgeous dogs and everytime I visit the place it’s all I can do to resist throwing the credit card down and putting my name on the waiting list for a puppy.”

He also had an opportunity to take two DeCoverly setters out to hunt released chukar:

“Both dogs hunted beautifully, showing off their distinctly different styles, each getting the job done in their own way but with that unmistakable setter class, ingrained through generations of strong breeding and an unyielding drive to point something. It is always a privelege to walk up on one of these dogs when they are frozen solid as the winter ground they cover so efficiently.”

DeCoverly hunting dogs in the fieldWe appreciated Evan’s visit to the kennel and we’re glad he enjoyed hunting with DeCoverly setters. If you’d like to schedule your own visit to the kennels, email or call 570-378-3357.