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What is the DeCoverly Difference? | November 2009

The DeCoverly Difference is all about our English Setters and the development they receive.   See the original base of the DeCoverly bloodline came directly from the Ryman Kennel. This base was a select group of 30 breeding quality Ryman Setters.  As a result of this, the Dual English Setters we are working with today are of the finest stock.

Our developmental approach to raising and training Setters is another key component of the DeCoverly Difference.  Our approach is not that of forcing training on a dog, but one which aims to allow our Setters the ability to truly learn their craft in a supportive environment.  In fact, the instincts, intelligence, and desire to please of a well-bred Gentleman’s Shooting Dog, when developed through a relationship with a human partner, allow the best things to happen.

Furthermore, our socialization program has been designed from the start to make sure each puppy has the correct exposure to humans and the outside world.  In this program we evaluate individual personalities and then work to shut down the more aggressive ones and pull up any shy puppies.  Also included in this program is how the English Setter puppies are worked for dominance behavior.

Collectively, these all contribute to the DeCoverly Difference and guides which puppies we will keep from a given litter to be evaluated for breeding.

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