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Welcome to DeCoverly | May 2009

DeCoverly Kennels is home to the world’s finest Dual English Setters. We are the evolution of the legendary Ryman Kennel and are proud to carry on this fine tradition. DeCoverly offers puppies and started dogs for sale year round. We also provide field and obedience training for all breeds.

The DeCoverly Setter is a beautiful, naturally gifted hunter and an affectionate, lovable member of the family. These wonderful companions truly represent the best of both worlds. We invite you to learn more through our website and to experience the DeCoverly Difference!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to DeCoverly”

  1. What a dreamy breed! I’m so glad I learned about them from your Web site. A DeCoverly Setter may be our next dog!

  2. my husband and i purchased one of your dog in 1986 for hunting. one of the best pets we ever had. max was very large, and my vet told me you had to start over. i noticed that there not as big anymore. max lived about 12 wonderful years and hunted to his heart content. he slepted in the same bed as my youngest daughter. he truly was part of the family. thank you for the memories.

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